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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thoughts on Big Boobs

They're heavy.  They bounce.  Everyone stares at them.  They're boobs, and in my case, they're pretty big.

The purpose of the breast is to produce milk for newborns to consume.  But in today's world, they have become a universal sex symbol (then again, what hasn't?).  Why?  Some say it's just a fad.  Back in the days of ancient Greece, if you had big boobs you were most likely to be embarrassed by them, because they did not hold the attraction that they do today.  So, maybe in the future, our grandkids will be shunning those with huge mammaries from society.  Who knows?

But currently, big boobs are in.  Hell, I love my breasts.  I couldn't imagine life without them.  Not that I couldn't live without them, but I feel they are an essential part of me.  I suppose my personality has been shaped by them - perhaps I wouldn't be so flaunty if I had smaller boobs.  Perhaps not.  Would a colored man have a changed personality if he had been caucasian? I think so.  People say that you shouldn't change your behaviors based on your judgment of your body - you should just love who you are.  But we often change ourselves based on other's responses to our bodies - if the said colored man grew up with racial remarks being thrown at him left and right, maybe he would have become more seclusive, or more angry, or maybe stronger.  So maybe those of us who have grown up with bigger boobs have become more exhibitionistic, or more seclusive, or even stronger due to societies treatment of us.

At the same time as this huge outcry for big boobs is roaring, another force is trying to silence it.  Elders and other more traditional folk are against this enthusiasm for big boobs.  "Put some clothes on, missy!" they exclaim.  They see I'm wearing a shirt, but the fact that it barely covers more than my nipples (let alone my areolas) bothers them.  Why aren't women allowed to walk around topless?  Why are children taught in schools that they must cover up?  "It's creating a safe learning environment" they say.  Really?  Ok.  But is it an emotionally stable environment? From they day a girl gets old enough everyone's telling her she must be clothed.  What does that teach us?  That we should be ashamed that we are women?  Or that we should hide ourselves from everybody?  It seems like it.  I'm not saying 'down with clothes!' because they are important for warmth, formality, and respect.  But on a warm summers day, I can't walk down to the local pizza place naked because of what? Disturbing the peace? I don't think so. Fear for difference? Probably.  If such behavior was allowed, maybe people would see that nudity isn't going to promote sex and drugs, but do just the opposite.  See a pair of tits flopping around would probably become commonplace enough that it wouldn't be taboo, nor would it cause sexual arousal.  Some men say that they don't want this because then they will lose that sexual arousal, but I see men walking without shirts on all the time and I still find it sexy.  We were born naked, weren't we?

Well, there you go.  My thoughts on boobs.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to comment.  Peace, love and boobs to all =)